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At STAR Behavior Consultants, we provide a multidisciplinary approach to teaching skills necessary to enhance the quality of a child’s life. We pride ourselves in our positive learning environment, passionate staff, and continued dedication to learning and growing to meet the needs of our everchanging world.

We strive to ensure that each child is excited to enter our facility, and that our families are comfortable in sending their child to a place they can trust. Our goal is for every person that walks through our doors to feel like they’re apart of our “STAR Family”. We feel strongly that kids learn best in an environment that they are happy and comfortable in, and our staff is specifically hired with the mindset that we should adapt our teaching to meet the needs of our kids, instead of teaching the child to change the way he/she learns.

In addition to having loads of fun, our highly experienced supervisors are specifically trained in ensuring that staff are well trained in teaching methodologies that are evidence-based and supported by most current research.

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Our Mission

STAR Behavior Consultants is dedicated to providing exemplary pediatric therapy for children on the autism spectrum. “Striving to Achieve Results” (STAR) is the commitment our staff make to each family we serve, in going above and beyond by providing the most effective treatment as supported by most current research. Our professionally trained staff demonstrates an inexplicable passion for helping children succeed by celebrating small victories a child makes towards improving his/her quality of life.

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At STAR, we provided Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. From ages 0-18 years of age. Each child receives an individualized curriculum and a collaborative approach to help achieve optimal results.

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ABA is frequently referred to as the gold-standard for Autism treatment because of its well-documented success. ABA takes concepts and principles from the science of behavior and uses it to make meaningful changes in a person’s life. The treatment is individualized to highlight each child’s strengths and target their skill deficits. Behavior technicians are responsible for working one-on-one with their client so that each minute of the session can be focused on that child’s goals. The behavior technician is trained in teaching strategies that can be applied to all of their goals, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) oversees the treatment.

A BCBA develops a treatment plan that includes goals to promote communication, socialization, and increased independence with daily tasks. The BCBA communicates with the family regularly to address any new concerns that come up and to teach the family to facilitate skill transfer from the ABA environment to home. It is the BCBA’s job to ensure continued success in treatment by observing therapy and monitoring data that is collected by the behavior technician in each session. At STAR we value quality over quantity, so we keep the BCBA’s caseloads small so they can provide ample attention to each child’s progress.

In our clinic, we have the opportunity to promote opportunities for playing with friends, as well as teaching skills in a group setting, with the intent that the skills will generalize and a child is able to effectively learn in a lesser restrictive environment like school.

We offer speech and language therapy services in addition to your child’s ABA programming. Our SLP will conduct an evaluation of your child to determine whether they would benefit from speech and language therapy sessions. These sessions take place during your child’s day at STAR for your convenience.

Speech and language therapy sessions may target a variety of skills, individualized to meet the needs of each child. Possible goal areas include: acquiring preverbal skills, using alternative-augmentative communication, working on specific sounds and improving how well your child is understood by others when speaking, working on comprehension of spoken language, working on using language to express wants/needs or thoughts/ideas and working on social skills.

Our SLP would first complete an assessment of your child to determine a recommendation for speech therapy services. This assessment might include some or all of the following: observation of your child in ABA, parent interview/case history form, review of previous speech therapy documentation such as reports, IEP, etc., use of informal evaluation tools and/or use of standardized evaluation tools. The frequency of therapy sessions per week would be a part of the recommendation from the SLP.

Occupational Therapy helps the development of gross and fine motor abilities, sensory processing, feeding, and independence with other daily living skills. Common targeted skills include dressing, eating, writing, and coping with sensory input. This type of therapy can help improve a child’s balance and coordination as well as strengthen their muscles so that they are better able to carry out the daily tasks of being a kid!

Our Occupational Therapist (OT) would complete a comprehensive evaluation and determine the appropriate dosage of sessions per week for the child. The sessions would be embedded into the child’s existing therapy day, which would include collaboration amongst all disciplines to ensure that our goals are comprehensive.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Training, Speech & Occupational Therapy | STAR Behavior Consultants

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes! We take a wide range of insurances. Please contact us to get more information on whether or not we take your insurance type. If we are not contracted with your insurance, we’re happy to look into alternative options to ensure your child is able to access therapy options.

Your child will have specified goals that will be addressed during therapy, and will be taught in structured sessions and throughout play. Typical therapy schedules are 9:00-12:00, 1:00-4:00, or 9:00-4:00 Monday- Friday.

Absolutely! We encourage you to observe so you can establish a foundation of how to carry over what we’re teaching in the clinic at home or in the community.

You should choose a center that you’re comfortable with, and confident that your child is receiving the best quality care. We strongly encourage that you tour centers, ask questions, and do your research! We have created a document of “how to find a quality ABA center” that includes a list of questions to ask providers. You can contact us to receive a copy of this document to help assist in your search.

You can contact us at 586-484-6851 or info@starbc.org to start the intake process.

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Parent Training

Our team finds significant value in training our families to ensure that our kids are gaining the optimal benefits from therapy. It is important not only to ensure that skills are generalized at home, but also so that we can drive our treatment plans and goals to meet the needs of the families lifestyle and values. We regularly plan parent meetings to discuss a child’s progress, and train on principles of teaching that are relevant to learning at home.

Our STAR team has also developed videos to help facilitate learning the foundational terminology for general principles from the comfort of your own home!

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At STAR, we strongly value a team-based approach and pride ourselves in the compassionate and positive team we’ve developed. Communication and support are key components of our work environment and we encourage those to apply for employment with us for those who are looking for a position that allows you to dedicate your work to changing the lives of kids with special needs.

In addition to the amazing work environment, STAR also provides the following benefits to eligible employees: 

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